• Art design for screen printing and embroidery is very different from any other type of design. We can handle any commonly used file formats like Corel Draw , PDF , AI  JPEG, GIF
  • To provide best results please ensure the image sent for artwork design is of a good quality.
  • In case of specific corporate fonts, please mention the font name along with your artwork.
  • In case of Screen Printing, try to restrict the number of colors in the design to a maximum of 4.
  • In case the image file size is over 1mb, please zip the file before mailing it to us.

The simplest way to test if the image is sharp is to simply open the design file in your computer and see if it looks sharp when you enlarge it to the size you require on the T-shirt.

Garment Care

Like every kind of equipment, Clothing is not made to last forever, but below there are a few useful notes for maintaining and maximizing the life of your Sports garments.

Never use any creams, liquids or product for warming up (winter) or sun protection (summer) under garments made with elastic fibers. These products contain chemicals which lead to quick fiber deterioration for all fabrics made with spandex.

Chemicals that come in contact with your Swimming; Triathlon and elastic based sports fabrics, will cause these elastane yarns to break down. Chemicals, Oils, Lotions are a common reason for loss of elasticity and curling.

Wash Care

We always prefer Hand Wash for all Sports Garments. But you may use Machine Wash too, keeping the points in mind –

  • Follow Wash Care Instructions mentioned On Garments
  • Do not wash your Jersey / Shorts together with Bags, Cricket Gloves or any other Articles with Velcro Straps. It causes Fabric Pilling (balling up of Fibers/Filaments in an area)
  • Do not use Cloth Brush while washing.
  • Chemicals are a common reason for loss of elasticity, curling and weak fiber